Tuition: Choice or necessity?


Since you are reading this there is probably a good chance that you are considering investing in a tutor to help you with your studies or upcoming exams. The fact you are reading this would also suggest that you are unsure whether to take that plunge and choose to spend your money on a tutor. Through this blog post, allow you us to show you 3 key benefits of selecting tutor in Hong Kong and that in many circumstances having a tutor may be a necessity and not just a choice.


The Education system is generalised

Lessons are more often than not delivered on a one-size fits all basis and it is assumed that textbooks and information sources only have to be written in one way and everyone should understand them. This is completely wrong as everyone is unique and has their own learning style, techniques, speed and methods. This therefore can leave you with two problems. Firstly you may try to decipher and learn what is taught in a particular lesson but certain aspects may be more difficult to understand than others. The subsequent self-study via textbooks can be as equally frustrating and extremely time consuming as you struggle through topics that you have no base knowledge of. With the guidance of a more qualified and experienced tutor alongside you, what previously felt like frustrating and difficult topics become very clear and easy to understand. A tutor can guide you to more improved results at a much faster rate!

Results matter

Regardless of what you are trying to learn or revise for, if we are being totally honest with ourselves, results matter. We all want to achieve the best we can in life and in the quickest possible manner. There is no doubt that stronger results, improved knowledge and better skill can more often than not take you further in life. There is also no doubt that with vast experience and knowledge, a tutor can be the key that unlocks that route to success for you.

Motivation will be increased with a tutor

We all struggle with motivation from time to time. There is nobody in this world that can stay 100% motivated and focused at all times. However the success you achieve can sometimes be based on how quickly you can become focused again after being demotivated. A tutor can bring benefit and assist you with this in a number of ways. Firstly the tutor will be able to motivate you directly during your sessions and give you a plan to follow outside of the tutor time to ensure that you are keeping on track. Secondly they can become your accountability partner. Sometimes the most effective way to stay committed and motivated is to have someone else to report to and to keep you accountable for your progress rather than relying on yourself to do so. This increased pressure will ensure that motivation is sustained for longer periods. Alternatively, Find your tutor online on LearnOK.