Top tips on reaching out to a digital audience

One of the biggest hurdles for any business is getting noticed. More than simply identifying your target audience, you need a way to communicate with them.

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In the modern era of technology and the internet, this is about being direct. The traditional approach of blanket marketing simply isn’t cost effective – for every person you reach you’re also reaching people with no interest whatsoever. As such, you need to use modern technology to your advantage.


Rediscovering e-mail

The easiest way to do this is arguably through e-mail. This is someone’s personal address, so you know who is directly receiving what you send out.

There are many things you could send, such as newsletters and simple promotions but, as with any other area of marketing, you need something to draw your audience in. In this case, you need a relevant and dynamic campaign, such as those enabled by Little Green Plane’s easy to use email marketing software.

This does more than a simple newsletter. Marketing software helps make e-mails interesting and encourages those all-important clicks. Your audience shouldn’t simply be aware of you; they should be looking forward to receiving your e-mail in their inbox. As such, you should be looking to make communication direct, dynamic and energetic. Every time you send them something, it should be something unique and worthwhile. This will create a favourable image of the company, rather than associating it with plain and simple weekly newsletters.


Building a website

Next to e-mail, it helps to have somewhere customers can find out about the business. It’s one thing to contact a potential audience, but if they can’t contact you back, or even find some sort of online presence, that potential business will effectively go to waste.

Having a website will easily solve this. This is something that can be tied into your e-mail marketing for cohesion, but it simply makes an audience more aware that you exist as a business and are ready for their custom.


Evolve with your audience

Finally, you should strive to understand the audience in question, working to their needs rather than trying to bend them to yours. If a customer isn’t getting what they’re looking for, they’ll go somewhere that does offer them that.

As such, the most effective marketing involves listening to the audience and caters to any changes in trends and spending dynamics. Staying firmly rooted in the past is an effective way of going out of business. When it comes to the internet, you need to adapt and change with demand. This is especially true when e-mailing people – if you simply re-send the same old message people will learn to ignore your company.