Tips for expanding your profits through eCommerce

There’s been a lot of media fuss recently about the supposed death of the high street. There’s no denying that the burgeoning popularity of online shopping has had an impact on traditional shops and stores. If your business has been hit or you’re simply looking for a way to expand your potential profits and sales base, it might be worth taking the plunge yourself.

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Reappraise your website

Your website will act as your virtual shop window. It should reflect your company, your mission and your ideals and it should also be engaging and informative. It also needs to serve as a platform for your actual sales.

Ensure you have clear call to action buttons (‘buy now’, ‘order here’ etc) and a search facility for searching through your products. You will also need an order form or shopping cart and the facilities to take secure payments online.


Think about product descriptions

When people are buying without seeing the goods in person, they typically want as much information as possible. You should include good images of every line and individual product and preferably these should be clickable for a larger close-up view.

Descriptions should be informative but snappy, with many retailers aiming for between 75 to 100 words of copy.

More detailed information should be easily accessible where appropriate – especially if the product is technical in nature. Making sure the customer has as clear picture of what they’re buying can help avoid unnecessary returns.

It’s worth noting that you may be obliged to offer no questions asked returns when selling online due to distance selling regulations.


Make sure you’re visible

There’s little point having the most brilliantly designed, engaging and multi-functional website if nobody ever sees it. You might already a portion of your customer base willing to seek you out but eCommerce is all about reaching out and finding new people.

You’ll want to keep them once you find them of course but a big part of finding them in the first place involves your site appearing as high up the search engine results pages (SERPs) as possible when users enter a relevant search term.


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