Three legal reasons you might need a family lawyer

Family arguments and disagreements are usually settled amongst the people involved, but sometimes serious issues need outside intervention which can involve lawyers and court actions.

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The area known as ‘Family Law’ deals with family-related matters and domestic relations. In the UK the three separate legal jurisdictions of Scotland, Northern Ireland and England and Wales have their own different systems of family law. This means that things could proceed slightly differently depending on where you are in the UK.

The most complex cases might even go further into the system and there is a specialist division of the High Court of Justice called the Family Division which deals with protracted disputes.


Here we look at three common instances when you might need to contact a family lawyer over a legal matter:


1. Divorce

The most common way that people find themselves involved in a Family Law dispute is in cases of divorce that can’t be settled amicably by agreement between the parties.

Not all marriages are successful and when there is a breakdown there are many practical issues to consider. Fortunately there are many local firms around the UK that provide excellent services and Family law solicitors in Norwich such as Birketts are just one, well known example.

Although some divorce cases can lead to difficult courtroom battles, many others are settled by straightforward mutual agreement. Sometimes this only happens after solicitors are involved but it is not a hard-and-fast rule.


2. Custody

One of the biggest areas of contention arises from the custody of children and unfortunately some break ups become difficult to manage when this cannot be agreed upon by each party.

Custody is usually agreed in the majority of cases because even though a relationship may have broken down, parents still put the best interests of their children first. However, in some cases it does come down to the courts to rule on the matter and enforce any decisions that are made.


3. Maintenance

There is a legal obligation to provide financial support to a spouse after marital separation or divorce and in the UK it is called ‘maintenance’. Today this is a complicated issue which doesn’t simply mean that an ex-husband may end up paying upkeep for his ex-wife. Often marital finances are more complex and it can be especially difficult to come to agreements when children are involved or there is a large share portfolio of assets.

Whatever your own particular circumstances that mean you find yourself seeking advice on Family Law matters, you can be assured that by taking specialist legal help you will have a team on your side fighting for your best interests.