What is a Good Investment?

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There is no doubt that if you asked this question of a number of people you are probably going to get a variety of responses. For instance, one person may favour investing in property, a second in stocks and shares, a third in gold and another in an ordinary building society savings account. In generic terms, you could say that a good investment is one that provides you with what you consider to be an acceptable rate of return either in the form of capital growth, income or a combination. How...

Tips for expanding your profits through eCommerce

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There's been a lot of media fuss recently about the supposed death of the high street. There's no denying that the burgeoning popularity of online shopping has had an impact on traditional shops and stores. If your business has been hit or you're simply looking for a way to expand your potential profits and sales base, it might be worth taking the plunge yourself.   Reappraise your website Your website will act as your virtual shop window. It should reflect your company, your mission an...