6 Advantages Of A Short Term Loan

Short term loans can really help you to get out of a tricky situation when one may arise. Imagine your car breaking down or a leaking roof that you absolutely must fix immediately. Today we will talk about some of the advantages of a short term loan and how they can help you out of any tricky situation. Get cash fast One of the best advantages of a short term loan is that cash advances are almost instant, this is perfect when you absolutely need a little bit of extra cash and you are w...

Using jewellery to secure credit: what you need to know

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In these austere times, many people will wish they could access more finance in order to make their lives easier. Whether they dream of using it to launch a new business or simply to purchase items for the home, a sudden cash injection would undoubtedly be welcomed by many of our readers. Unfortunately, this period of squeezed wage packets also coincides with banks being less willing than ever to lend funds. You may therefore have found yourself in something of a catch-22 situation - with...