Stay visible with promotional items that last

Nobody can deny the power of traditional media advertising. A TV or radio advert is a great way to get your brand in front of a wide audience and make sure they take notice. With the ongoing growth of the internet, many companies are also using digital channels to promote their goods and services to great effect.

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However, sometimes promotion of this type does not quite hit the mark. Unless you’ve got a huge budget at your disposal, or a unique creative idea that amounts to genius, you’re unlikely to succeed in making sure that customers remember your brand through TV and radio. Many people forget radio and TV adverts as soon as they’re over, or they simply ‘tune out’ when they are playing ( or don’t even notice them in the first place).

And this is where promotional products can help! Distributing simple items such asĀ printed travel mugs, pens, keyrings and even clothing will mean that your brand stays with your customers day in, day out. Whenever they pick up, put on or use such items, they’ll immediately be reminded of your brand and call to action.

In addition, their friends and colleagues are likely to come into contact with your brand. Here are a few ideas for promotional items that will keep your brand on the agenda for the long term:

Promotional pens

Promotional pens may seem like everyday items, but they can actually have a significant impact on your marketing efforts. This is because a pen is useful and will always be required by customers, both in the office environment and at home. If you operate a business-to-business organisation that relies on orders from other companies, then having a pen featuring your name, logo and branding in the office of a potential client is a good way to make sure they don’t forget you. Similarly, consumer-facing firms are likely to benefit from distributing pens that can be used in the car, on desks and at kitchen tables in people’s homes.

Travel mugs

Thermal travel mugs are popular with busy employees who need to take their morning tea or coffee to go. Travel mugs are durable, which means your target audience should retain them for months, if not years! Travel mugs are available in a wide array of materials and colours which should ensure there is an option for every organisation, whether the organisation is a sole trader or a multinational plc.


Again, a keyring is a deceptively simple item that can actually be a powerful promotional tool when used correctly. Most people use their keys on several occasions every day, so they’ll see your company’s name frequently if they have colourful keyring bearing your logo attached. They may not think much of it on a daily basis, but hopefully your brand and call to action will resonate with the recipient when they come to make their next purchase.

Are you responsible for marketing in your organisation? Do you use a wide variety of marketing techniques? How do you think promotional products compare to other forms of advertising?