Modern Business: The Business Trends of 2014

What refuses change doesn’t just stay in the same place – it moves back. With the world changing fast around it the only way to keep up is to move forward. Here are the main business trends for 2014 that you need to know to stay up to day and ahead of the game.


Always connected

As of now smartphones are a thing of the past, the present and the future. They are here to stay but not stay the same. Ever more powerful, they are quickly taking place of computers in our lives. Combined with more widely available internet access they keep you connected to your business all the time, whether you like it or not. And whether you like it or not, to stay on the top of your game you need to learn to use your smartphone for more than games.

Power of data

These smart toys we carry around in our pockets not only give us access to information but also collect information about us. Some of this data ends up in the hands of ominous government agencies, and some can be used by you to better understand the needs of your customers, and target your advertising and marketing. This means more value for your customers who get what they need at the right time, and more profits to you thanks to increased sales.

Virtual money

Virtual money is real, and it’s gaining popularity. It’s a bit late to start mining your bitcoins but it’s not too late to learn more about them and start using them for the advantage of your business. In fact soon you might not a have another option. Real paper notes and coins are used less and less; our phones and soon, wearable technology will more often take place of our wallets.

Head in the cloud

Cloud storage is more than a lot of space for you data. It means access to your data from anywhere in the world and a better environment for co-working. Now you and your team can work on projects without the need of staying in the same room, building or country for that matter. The office of 2014 is becoming more and more open.


Going up with apps

What used to be a tiny piece of software capable at best of killing a few minutes of spare time on the public transport system quickly becomes the main way we use our most indispensable computing devices – smartphones. In 2014 and beyond, apps will become more central in quality business and will be used even more regularly in marketing, advertising and sales.

All these technological advancements are a great opportunity for your business but at the same time are a challenge and a threat. If you don’t feel up the task of keeping your company’s IT up to date in 2014, you can always use the help of an expert. Many businesses utilise the services of tech support companies such as to worry less and benefit more from the fast changing world of modern business.