Here’s Why Skiing Is Cool

The ski season is approaching again and soon your office mates, friends and family will be chatting about which resort they’re heading too.

I know they ask you to come along on their Whistler ski holidays, but every time you make up some excuse to stay at home because you think it’s madness to go down a mountain on two thin pieces of hardwood.   Kate-Middleton-Skiing

However, this is the year you are going to stop rejecting their invites. You won’t have to hear them talk about their adventures and fun they had on the mountain, that’s because you’re going to go with them. Here are the reasons why this is going to happen:

Kate Middleton Does It

Come on if it’s good enough for Kate it is definitely good enough for all of us. Everyone of us wouldn’t mind looking like Kate Middleton. However we know that would mean taking some pretty tough spin classes. Did you know that skiing is a great way to tone up your legs and abs, while burning calories also. Once you’ve spent a week skiing on the slopes you will be very surprised just how good you feel. So say yes, hit the slopes and embrace the burn.


The Apres Ski

You didn’t think that your girlfriends went away just to ski and sleep early every night did you? If you think that your usual holidays with the girls are wild then wait until you experience apres ski for the first time. When the sun goes down and the slopes are shutdown the fun begins. People usually head straight from the slopes to the bar to have a few drinks and make new friends. It’s one of the best parts about the ski holiday!


Breath Taking Views

Most holidays have several sight seeing opportunities but they can’t compare to the view you see when you’re on top of a mountain, looking out over the beautiful landscape. The beaches and blue sea is ok, but you’ve seen it all before – if you want to see breath taking views every day of your holiday then it’s skiing that’s for you.

Be Cool

These days an increasing number of people go skiing so it is not as exclusive as before, but it is still seen as being on the extreme sport list. You don’t have to go heli-skiing or do anything outrageous to earn your cool rep, you can get those another way. The feeling you will get when you’re bombing down the slopes will get your adrenaline flowing and make you feel the inner cool.