Gi2C Guide: How to Find a Job in China

Landing a job in China is a great way to not only launch a beginning career, it is also an excellent choice for a mid-career change. The booming economy, burgeoning industries, and need for multicultural staff mean that there are many jobs available to individuals from all backgrounds. This is a lucrative and promising employment field for those interested in expanding their skillsets while learning about working in a diverse work environment. If you are determined to pursue a new opportunity in China, then follow these steps to maximize your chances of landing your dream job. Are you looking for a jobs in China? You can make good money working as a freelance writer on

  1. Learn Mandarin

Multilingual individuals are often some of the top candidates to be considered for positions in multinational companies. If you are already bilingual in Mandarin and some other language, then this is a great way for you to stand out from the competition. Make sure to place this skill prominently on your resume/CV and even consider getting a professional certificate to show your language mastery.

If you are new to Mandarin, then this might be an ideal way for you to learn about Chinese culture and foster work relationships while learning a new language. Consider enrolling in a study abroad or intensive language program to demonstrate your willingness to adapt to the local culture.

  1. Enroll in an Internship

The benefit of internship programs is that you will get firsthand, hands-on work experience in a professional setting. Internship providers in China will do all the work for you by finding a company that matches your interests and that is thrilled by your background. This even extends to worrying about visa paperwork and all of the logistical considerations for travel abroad. Internships also allow participants a valuable insight into how companies in China operate while developing abilities in specific fields.

  1. Study Abroad

If you are still a university student or a new graduate, then consider enrolling in a study abroad course at a local university. You will be able to learn interesting courses while meeting teachers, instructors, and local students. Showing experience in working and living in a Chinese milieu is a great way to impress potential Chinese employers.

  1. Network

Networking is one of the key ways to landing a job. People are often more inclined to hire those who come personally recommended by colleagues. You can network while interning, studying abroad, or even asking your professors or colleagues for recommendations. Develop your resume/CV and make sure to print out some business cards. You will want to always have these on hand in case you are introduced to valuable contacts.

  1. Build up Social Media Channels

Most of our lives are currently displayed on social media. This means that you need to be sure to put your best foot forward. This includes keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and developing a robust presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, among others. If you have a private account, keep it private and ensure that posts are limited to your friends. Make sure that you don’t post anything inappropriate.

A great way to get the attention of potential jobs in China is to interact with the social media accounts of the companies that you are interested in directly. This shows brand loyalty, genuine interest, and a positive engagement. You can easily point to these interactions when applying to jobs.

  1. Reach out to Recruiters

There are many recruiters for huge companies in China that check LinkedIn and portfolio websites to recruit new hires. If you build up your LinkedIn networks, you can try to locate recruiters who staff Chinese businesses. This is a great way to show initiative and to demonstrate your dedication to the particular company or job opening. Consider creating a portfolio website demonstrating your abilities. This can be done for free using, Squarespace, and

  1. Teach English

Probably one of the most popular ways of finding a job in China is to teach English at a local school or tutoring center. Remember too though that you can find your tutor online on LearnOK. There are a myriad of open positions throughout China, from rural villages to city hubs, and can often be found on specific company websites or on third-party program platforms such as Go Overseas or HelpGoAbroad. While some may require a TEFL or TESOL Certificate, others are content with a university degree.

  1. Check out Program Websites and Review Platforms

If you are not interested in teaching English in China, then still check out these third-party review and program platforms. Companies often post jobs in a range of fields on these platforms in order to reach a diverse audience. You will be able to check out everything from internships to full-time positions while deciding which job opening best matches your background.

Finding a job in China does not have to be a painful or difficult process. There are many opportunities available to candidates from all skill and career levels. Just make sure to polish your resume/CV and public persona while cultivating an extensive network of contacts. Avoid scams by checking out the company website and social media platforms as well as looking for reviews from current or previous employees. Good luck with your search!


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