Your First Home

If you’ve moved in to your first home, or residential building, be it a house, a flat, or maybe a villa, you will know it is one of the proudest moments you will experience in your lifetime. If you’ve not done so yet, well you have something wonderful to look forward to. It’s a place to call your own, a place you have worked for and earned and it’s also the knowledge that you can put a roof over the head of your family.

Building and Contents Insurance-What and Why?   2

While becoming a homeowner for the first time and moving in to your property is a hugely proud occasion, it is not without its risks. There is a chance that the building and contents-the fixtures and fittings, can become damaged, perhaps due to age or perhaps due to accidents in the home. Items of furniture can get broken, the fixtures and fittings can become worn and need replacing, even a house that is maintained with a great amount of effort will not remain perfect.

Due to this, it is a good idea to look at home insurance to ensure that you are covered for when any repairs on your property are required. If DIY is not your strong suit, tradesmen such as plasterers or painters/decorators will charge you a large amount of money which, without home insurance will result in quite the hit to your bank balance. Of course more extreme things can happen to any house, such as flood or storm damage that has far more devastating consequences. While the chances of such events taking place aren’t overly likely, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

HBF Building and Contents Insurance offers great deals on benefits, covering you against a large amount of potential mishaps such as flood, fire, theft, burglary and storm damage.

that has a great deal of benefits. It covers against a large amount of potential mishaps such as flood, fire, theft, burglary and storm damage. If your house suffers damages to the point where you have to temporarily seek other accommodation, they will cover that for you. Contents in your home will be replaced in new condition regardless of age. There’s also cover for stolen or misused credit cards, building expenses and even items belonging to visitors to your home.

With such fantastic benefits, why not get a quote and find the policy that best suits you? Not only is there building and contents insurance available, you can also insure your building only or your contents only. Whatever policy you choose, it’s sure to be a sound investment.