Easy to Follow Tips for Entertaining Potential Clients on a Budget

Establishing a good working relationship with your hopeful and potential clients is crucial in not only obtaining new business, but maintaining it. While large scale business have departments dedicated to entertaining and recruiting new clients, smaller to medium sized business tend to look for alternative options for entertaining potential clients on a budget.


While it’s no surprise that clients like to be wowed, it may come as a surprise that you need to spend a lot of money to do it. These tips have worked wonder for previous readers in growing their business with new clients.


Maintain a Personal Atmosphere

If you aren’t a big business then don’t try to be. Keep a business intimate atmosphere when choosing the location and activity. Look for a place that is highly convenient for your client and offers a small and private space. Small yet boutique coffee nooks are plentiful that offer a comfortable mixture of a casual business meeting with gourmet snack and coffee options. Venues such as this can provide the perfect quiet and private space for you and your potential clients to speak comfortably and openly.


A Small Gift Can Go a Long Way

You don’t have to bring your potential clients expensive jewelry, you just need to bring them something. A small gesture such as a select bottle of wine sends the same message – that you are attentive and have them always on your mind. If you have a business meeting in mind then why not mix up the two? Search for a local wine bar and store and host your next meeting over a small wine tasting session, ending with a gift of their favourite tasted wine.


Keep Your Travel Upscale yet Low Budget


If you plan to do a lot of travelling between multiple venues and activities with your potential clients, yet your company doesn’t have a car service, don’t reach for the cab. In place of the potentially dirty and unprofessional experience of a cab ride, look for other alternatives such as private car services which can provide low cost, yet high quality alternatives to transporting you and your clients around comfortably and professionally.