Designing Your Own Banner? Here are a Few Essential Design Element Tips to Remember

When it comes to printed advertising material, one of the most effective – and most long-lasting, to say the least – can really be said to be the banner, no matter what type of banner it is (whether it is a roller banner, an outdoor banner, and more). The great aspect about banners is that they can be used for a variety of locations and events, and can be set up both outdoors and indoors as well. Aside from this, banners are sturdier than ever, easy to store, and even easy to remember and recall.


But when you are planning on designing your own banner for your business, there are a few important design elements you should keep in mind. By following these design elements, you can be sure that your banner will have a more professional, seamless, stylish, and effective look.

Be mindful of the edges

When you are designing your banner, particularly when it comes to text, be mindful of the banner’s edges. If you want your banner to have a cleaner look and feel, then avoid putting text too close to the edges of the banner. Along with this, be mindful of text that is too close to the top as well. For best results, leave a space of a minimum of 50 millimetres from the edge of your banner on all sides.

Pay attention to the quality of your image: high resolution images make your design stand out

Images definitely make a big impact on any type of banner, especially those that feature products such as food, luxury goods, and more. Try to look for images for your banner that are of high quality and high resolution. One additional tip: the best way to determine if the images you have chosen are good enough is to zoom in at 100% – this is how the graphic or image of your banner will look in print.

Text issues: the right size and a good level are essential 

When it comes to the text on your banner, you have to be extra careful as well. The text you choose should be big enough for your audience to read, even from a distance. Even though you may be able to read the text on your screen, this doesn’t mean it will be seen when printed on the banner. If you are unsure about the size of your text, print out a sample on paper, have someone hold it up, and then walk a few metres away. If you can still read the text, then it’s good enough.

Along with the size of the text, the level of the text is also important. That being said, try to keep the text on your banner (especially the smaller text) at a height above the knees (around 500 millimetres). If you do not want your target audience to be squinting and squatting just to see your Facebook page name, then make sure the level of the text is appropriate.

And finally – keep it simple!

Banner experts such as pop up banner and roller banner specialists like Roller Banners UK (learn more about their offers at all agree that the simpler your banner is, the better it is. Don’t get carried away with various effects and fonts, shadows, and the like – just stick to two fonts and make sure your colour combinations are complementary. Stay away from script fonts and fonts that are difficult to read as well.

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