A spectacular space for your one-person business

There’s certainly a lot to consider when you are planning to begin your own one-person business.

You’ll need to think about all the best ways of funding your endeavor, being sure to be fully clued-up so that you go for the best option available.

You’ll also need to be up to speed on any regulations, both about having your own business generally and specific to whatever the sector is you plan to work in.

Then there will be all the research involved in looking at the businesses that you will be competing with, and deciding how you will try to outperform them if possible.

These are just some of the issues people who want their own small business need to think about.

And another is, of course, space. You’ll likely need an office where you can sit and do work, and you’ll likely want this to be private and equipped with the tools you will need – these days, often things like a high quality PC with internet connection.

A high quality and impressive space will help you feel your business is an impressive concern, so at some point in your journey, you might wish to consider garden rooms as a possible place to do your work close to your home.

Green Retreats garden offices could be the right solution for your business.

These allow you to have a place where you can undertake your business activities that has been built to a size that you pick. The inside is ready for you to decorate with your own priorities in mind – perhaps a framed news article about your business on the wall, a comfy chair for moments of relaxation and a nice, sizeable desk to work at, for example?

Such garden offices are the perfect mix of a beautiful look – neat, attractive, professional-looking – and the level of practicality you will want for the office you do business in.

They could be a perfect option if, for example, there’s not already a room in your home that is right for conducting business in.

And even if you do have a spare room, it’s wise to consider the extra benefits of the garden office, such as customisability, the fact that it’s psychologically separated from the place you live and the quiet that can be achieved when you won’t be trying to get on with business while the noise of family life continues around you.

An advantage over an office space away from your home, meanwhile, is that you won’t have to travel if your workplace is in the garden.

Commuting is a necessary part of life for many workers – and can be relatively undisruptive in the right circumstances.

But even a 20 minute walk to work can cut into the working day and when the amount of time you put in to work may well be reflected in the amount of money your business makes, perhaps a garden room where you can easily pop to and from work in seconds would be a better option?

If your business is not primarily office based – for example, if you make drawings for people to buy online – consider whether garden rooms could be a great space to undertake your work in, too. They can be many other things, besides offices!