4 Personality Traits that Self-Made Billionaires Have in Common

More and more people now, young and driven with an ambition to see their ideas through, are radically changing what a very wealthy person, possibly a millionaire or a billionaire, is supposed to be like. The old-man-sipping-brandy-in-wing-back-armchair image is replaced by entrepreneurs like Steve Liefschultz who exhibit the following traits.


  • Goal Oriented and Hard-Working


Don’t be afraid of being overwhelmed by the numerous possibilities that are part and parcel of great ideas. You have to dare to dream big and then even as you take one step at a time to scale the project, your ultimate focus should be on the bigger picture.

The clearer your vision is, when you know exactly where you’re headed to, the easier it is to get your prize. It’s easier to put in the required efforts and to take risks, calculated and not impulsive of course, than procrastinate or be afraid to fail as you work round the clock, including vacations, to earn money.


  • Passionate and Disciplined


Following the crowd isn’t the best way to get the solution. If you’re ever to be as successful as Steve Liefschultz, or even exceed his achievements, you need to follow the idea. A lot of individuals with high net worth generally have upbeat attitudes and a lot of energy. They are visionaries and extremely confident both in themselves as well as others, believing that their business ideas will be accepted no matter what by everyone.

However, unexpected developments do happen, and knowing that they need to improvise on the go to save their financial plans from falling apart, they channel their creativity to find solutions while remaining consistent and disciplined.


  • Curiosity and Learning


This is you nurturing your beliefs, and unlike the popular yet misguided perception that you can do it alone based on a handful of old, tested methods, you can only do so if you are willing to learn, to know more and to improve yourself. You don’t have all the answers. You need the advice of other people working at different levels.

But while you are at it, remember to value your own opinion. Associate yourself with successful people. Not only will they give you good advice regarding your financial situation, they’ll also act as good inspiration and role models for you to succeed. Don’t know such a person yet? How about finding a mentor, reading books or listing to audios on success?


  • Teaching and Leveraging


This one’s old school but still powerful: teaching other team members the tricks of the trade and sharing your vision with them will not just bring all of you on the same page but also make them smarter, more efficient and productive on all aspects of finance management.

Success breeds success. Build a strong team, one that is especially okay with the idea of making money. Invest in a good idea when you see one to generate more money than restrict yourself to a comfort zone.

Do you have what it takes to be a self-made billionaire? Are you preventing yourself from embracing these traits and be wealthy?